It’s been long I have been with ECM Industry and have witnessed the evolution. From the days when Customers were clueless about their own requirement, what  they are investing into or even evaluating the Self-Professed-Free Source alternatives – I have witnessed it all.

And now when I see People making good decisions I feel Proud, Proud! because it is nothing but ECM that is helping the spread of Knowledge like never before.

The ECM is so vast that it is quite often confuses even the techies. Demarcation line has just now started to be drawn. Before, we have seen a lot more blur.

In this I will share my experience with the Domain and will try to remove the clutter. Because ECM itself is the Domain that removes clutter and let you focus.

Knowledge is Power and there is no denying. ECM is helping organizations to have access to information when it is critically required.

With this Blog I welcome all of you, desperate to share your stint with the ECM. Good, Bad or Great.

I promise a very insightful and intelligent experience on the ECM Domain.

Ashool Handoo

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